Friday, August 3, 2007

Clockwise Cat - Cerebral Catalyst

Published October, 2006
Cerebral Catalyst

Clockwise Cat at Cerebral Catalyst

The Clockwise Cat
by Alison Ross

The clockwise cat
is wise to clocks.
She knows their motive:
to tame the savage animal of time.

The clockwise cat
hisses at the clock-cages;
her fangs gnaw the numbers
and her claws rip holes
in the frayed fabric of space.

The clockwise cat
moves in counter-clockwise cadences
across the hardwood floors of infinity.
She stalks illusions of impermanence
which flit like shadows
across the paint-chipped walls in her mind.

The clockwise cat
tells time with her eyes:
they blaze like candle flames
in the dim closets of oblivion.

The clockwise cat
sleeps 16 days an hour.
She dreams about the minutes
she will devour like bugs;
she awakens to seconds
poisoned like rats.

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dredyoung said...

I like your perspective on time; your treatment of time. It reminds of a tiny vignette I wrote in 1986 while, finally, working on my doctorate. It was called "The God: EMIT". Time has been a preoccupation of mine going back to 1979. Heidegger's "Being and Time" is my favorite book. So, your "Clockwise Cat" really resonates with me.ed