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Welcome to Symmetry of Birds!

The initial purpose of Symmetry of Birds was to round out my trio of blogs/zines, which include Clockwise Cat and Miro Screaming (now defunct). All three blogs incorporate or adapt lines or titles from poems I have written. Clockwise Cat, my webzine, gets its namesake from one of my favorite self-penned poems; Miro Screaming, which was my rant-blog, evolved from my poem, "Miro's Scream"; and "a symmetry of birds" is part of the concluding line of my poem, "Silent Symmetry," published in Blue Fifth Review in February, 2008.

(We must also call attention to curiouser and curiouser: the cure, cerebrally speaking, my Cure-blog, which is no longer active, but is up for posterity and eternity, because I still love ALL things Cure, and always will.)

So anyway. Symmetry of Birds is the gathering place of all my online published work. My online published work encompasses poetry, reviews, and political polemics (also known as rants). I rarely write fiction these days, though once upon a time I was a prolific short story scribe. Maybe one day I will get back into fiction, but for now, I reserve my creative zeal for verse and invectives (the two birds whose polar styles serve to balance each other - hence the title of this blog).

So anyway. What I do in this blog is provide links to a given published piece, and also paste the actual piece. There are several instances here where the website link no longer works, due to the site shutting down. However, I have simply left the links up for now.

Please be aware that this is a perennial work in progress.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Published Poetry

Alison Ross Reads Misanthropic Buddha for National Poetry Month at Bound to be Read Books, April 2012

Alison Ross Reads at the Hot! Hot! Hot! Poetry Event at Bound to Be Read Books, 2010

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Brownstone Poets Reading Announcement: Bob Heman, Alison Ross, Rick Mullin, Hilary Sideris at Park Plaza Restaurant on Sat, 4/1

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Brownstone Poets Reading Announcement: Bob Heman, Rick Mullin, Hilary Sideris, Alison Ross at Park Plaza Restaurant on Sat, 4/1 at 2:30 p.m.

Bob Heman, Rick Mullin, Hilary Sideris, Alison Ross at Park Plaza Restaurant on Sat, 4/1

Published March 2017

Bob Heman, Rick Mullin, Hilary Sideris, Alison Ross at Park Plaza Restaurant on Sat, 4/1 at 2:30 p.m.

Poetry Grows in Brooklyn Heights 2017

Brownstone Poets Inspiring Brooklyn Since 2005

Brownstone Poets presents Bob Heman, Rick Mullin, Hilary Sideris, and Alison Ross, Saturday, April 1 in Brooklyn Heights and there's an open mic as well.

Saturday, April 1

at 2:30 p.m

Bob Heman
Rick Mullin
Hilary Sideris
Alison Ross

@ Park Plaza Restaurant

220 Cadman Plaza West near Clark St.and Pineapple Walk

Brooklyn, NY 11201

718 - 596 - 5900


Take the A or C to High Street, 2 or 3 to Clark Street

R to Court Street

4 or  to 5 Borough Hall

For more directions:

Please check the MTA's "The Weekender" for all transit updates.

$5 Donation – plus Food/Drink - Open-Mic

Curated by Patricia Carragon 


Bob Heman’s collages, cut-outs and drawings have been shown in a small two-man show at The Brooklyn Museum, in a one-man retrospective of his cut-outs [participatory cut-out multiples on paper] at BACA’s Downtown Cultural Center, and in group shows in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.
His poems and prose poems have appeared in such diverse publications as Sentence, The Prose Poem, Caliban, Otoliths, Kayak, Hanging Loose, Center, and Artful Dodge, and are upcoming in New American Writing and Reaedr.

Rick Mullin is the author of six books of poetry, including the book-length poems Huncke, published by Seven Towers, Dublin Ireland in 2010, and Soutine, published by Dos Madres Press, Loveland Ohio, 2012. His latest collection, Transom, was published last month by Dos Madres Press. His work has appeared in journals including The New Criterion, American Arts Quarterly, and Epiphany; and in anthologies, including Rabbit Ears: Poems about TV. He is a painter and a journalist. 

Clockwise Cat publisher and editor Alison Ross has been published here, there, elsewhere, and nowhere. Alison experienced rave-levels of ecstasy when she found out she was shortlisted for the 2014 Erbacce Prize, down from 5,000 entries. She was also giddily bemused when was nominated for the Best of the Net a few years back, though she lost out to savvier scribes. Alison is also a staff book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. Alison has four chapbooksFrom Dancing Girl Press, Monster Sermons; from Fowlpox Press, Miro's Poesie and Clockwise Cats; and from Feline and Nothingness Press, Clockwise Cats: The Prequel

Hilary Sideris is the author of Most Likely to Die, poems in the voice of Keith Richards (Poets Wear Prada 2014) and The Inclination to Make Waves (Big Wonderful 2016). Her new chapbook, A House Not Made with Hands, inspired by Vasari's Lives of the Artists, is forthcoming from Poets Wear Prada. She lives in Kensington, Brooklyn.