Monday, September 10, 2007

Eternity found - Wings of Icarus

Published September 2007
Wings of Icarus

Eternity found at Wings of Icarus

Eternity found
by Alison Ross

My days have been infernal feasts of fire and delight; I have not censored myself but lived loudly and boldly, blazing through dim apathies and carving diamond paths through gruesome nights. I have invented enigmas and flattened paradigms; I have twisted through the labyrinth of myself and made my heart invisible.

Now as my days wane, I float through the gardens that inflame my senses. I imagine flowers that wrap their blue arms around me, and suffocate me with their shrouded scents.

My funeral will be an hallucination of hymns and poisons; wines will flow and hearts will sing. Guests will celebrate the sordid epiphanies of my life: the euphoria of my birth, the rapture of my death.

I have offered myself to the world; I have sacrificed myself to the sun, and laughed heartily at the moon. The gods have loved me, and opened the heavens in my honor.

I enter; the feast has begun again.

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Óscar Varona said...

And what a beautiful Death! Good site.