Monday, February 25, 2008

Silent symmetry - Blue Fifth Review

Published February, 2008
Blue Fifth Review

Silent symmetry at Blue Fifth Review

Silent symmetry
by Alison Ross

I crave internal symmetry.

I want to drink liquid sutras
smoke mirrors
and exhale samsara

I want to poison all clocks
and regurgitate infinity

I want to dream of monks
who shout chants shaped like birds

I want to sleep inside a scream

I want to breathe clouds filled with comas
and choke on karmas made of cats

I want to silence all hallucinations
and blind all hymns

I want to die inside a symmetry of birds.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

I'm wordless, speehless...

The power of the "silent symmetry's" images...especially
"drink liquid sutras" and "sleep inside a scream."

Thanks, Allison, for the lightning strike.

And, of course, for getting cats into the poem:-)

Daniel Wilcox