Monday, April 17, 2017

Published Poetry

Alison Ross Reads Misanthropic Buddha for National Poetry Month at Bound to be Read Books, April 2012

Alison Ross Reads at the Hot! Hot! Hot! Poetry Event at Bound to Be Read Books, 2010

Clockwise Cats Reviewed by David McLean

Clockwise Cats Reviewed at First Literary Review - East

Shortlist for the 2014 Erbacce Prize

Long Shortlist for the 2012 Erbacce Prize

Best of Net Nomination at Up the Staircase

Brownstone Poets Reading Announcement: Bob Heman, Alison Ross, Rick Mullin, Hilary Sideris at Park Plaza Restaurant on Sat, 4/1

Southern Shadowlistic at Visual Verse

Two Poems at Poetic Diversity

Dust on a Vision of Hell at Surreal Poetics

Arabic Zero at X-Peri

The infallibility of trees at Of/with

Skeleton poem at Sein und Werden

American Gangster at Visual Verse

Soundshadows at Unlikely Stories

moon coma at The Bitchin' Kitsch

Nihilistic hedonist at Of/with

William Shakespeare is trending at Of/with

Sinister minister at Yellow Chair Review

Empathy for the devil at Dead Snakes

Ebony and Apathy at First Literary Review - East

Two poems at Unlikely Stories

Memory and Shadow at ken*again

I am what I am not yet at MungBeing

Feline and Nothingness at Of/with

Two poems at Sugar Mule

Clockwise Cats Chapbook at Fowlpox Press

Nine Poems at Fowl Feathered Review 8

Apocalypse later at Full of Crow

Rejoice in the Flavor of Now at The Kitchen Poet

Spider syllables aka eight-legged night at MungBeing

Untitled at MungBeing

Time tricks at Zombie Logic Review

Toxic dyslexic at Zombie Logic Review

Eclectic Addict at The Blue Hour

the tiger and the sun at MungBeing

Four poems at Mad Hatter's Review

Anachronistic anarchist at Calliope Nerve

I want to be a surrealist painting at Black Heart Magazine

Miro's ennui at Black Heart Magazine

Coma at The Medulla Review

Vienna summer at Eviscerator Heaven

Negate Tyme aka the riddles at Eviscerator Heaven

Sun Tears at Bolts of Silk

Untitled at Menagerie

Chopin in Chopin with Cherries

cryptic nihilistic at The Battered Suitcase

Kahlo Sky at Up the Staircase

Miro's mirror at Disingenuous Twaddle

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