Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miro's mirror - Disingenuous Twaddle

Published April, 2010
Disingenuous Twaddle

Miro's mirror
by Alison Ross

Miro’s mirror reflected the skeleton of chaos.
It deconstructed time and made a maze through space.

Miro’s mirror wept suns at Rimbaud’s funeral
and wrote cumming’s epitaph with the blood of commas.

Miro’s mirror gouged out Shakespeare’s eyes.
It pre-saged the death of poetry
and fought World War II in reverse.

Miro’s mirror cracked in half.
The left half reflected "Spring Song" played by Dr. Seuss.
The right half showed the Buddha in the throes of cacophony.

Miro's mirror deconstructed chaos and made a maze through Rimbaud's heart.

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