Thursday, November 23, 2017

Published Polemics and Reviews

The Cure's Pornographic Cure at Pop Matters

Cupcake Chronicles Inside Cover Blurb

The Perpetual Decline of Western Civilization and the Ascendency of Punk-Dystopia at Five2One

The Carefully Constructed Chaos of Wrack Lariat at Five 2 One

Ross Heller Levinson Book Review Links at Black Widow Press

Review of Myriad Circles at Five 2 One

The Ultimate How-NOT-To Guide: Ally Malinenko's Verse-Letter to America at Five 2 One

Five 2 One Masthead

Review of Nathaniel Rounds' Megamouth Shark Eats Dongpo Pork With a Spoon at Fowlpox Press

Nathaniel Rounds' Book Blurb At Fowlpox Press

Jessica Lawrence's Terrible Little Stars Book Blurb at Amazon

The Glorious Madness of New Wave at Five 2 One Magazine

It was a Texas Dashcam Vid: Corrupt Cops and Black Heroines at Fear of Monkeys

Definitions of Obscurity Book Blurb at Unlikely Stories

Babes in Toyland: Riotous, But Not Grrrls at Literary Orphans

Adventures in Television at MungBeing

An Ultimate Massaging of the Senses at MungBeing

Magic Math: Felino A. Soriano's Mathematics at Nostrovia Writing

American Revolution, Part Deux at MungBeing

The Sordid Secrets of a Foolish Heart at MungBeing

Anarchism or Anachronism at MungBeing

Crazy Lynch Time at MungBeing

Hinge Trio Review at Of the poetry this jazz portends

Felino Soriano Book Blurb at Of the poetry this jazz portends

Kathryn Wins Big, but Hollywood Still Hurts for Female Directors at Bad Subjects

Occupy or Die! at Fringe Magazine Blog

Middle Class Aspirations in an Ominous Economy at Fear of Monkeys

Abolish Work: The Art of Zen-Surrealism at Fear of Monkeys

Author Insides: Alison Ross at Vagabondage Press

An Interview with Clockwise Cat Editor Alison Ross at Black Heart Magazine

Of Collocated Rhythms by Felino Soriano Book Review at Black Heart Magazine

Poetic Gravity at Anya Achtenberg

Five Rants at When Falls the Coliseum

Five Diatribes at Muse Apprentice Guild

Twelve Rants and Satirical Pieces at Democracy Means You

Politically Erect at Exquisite Corpse

Ode to Corporate America at Exquisite Corpse

Xenophobes and Homophobes at Democratic Underground

Black Lips CD Review at Laura Hird

Letter to the Editor at Creative Loafing

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