Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Defintion of Obscurity book blurb at Unlikely Stories

Definitions of Obscurity book blurb at Unlikely Stories
Published January 2016

"Vernon Frazer's and Michelle Greenblatt's collaborative verses read like symbolistic journal entries scripted by kindred souls who fluidly finish each other's sentences. The brutal scars of the psyche are searingly evident in their lines, whose jagged spacing seems to indicate a sharp desire to escape from the claustrophobic content of these bleak ruminations. The poets take refuge in fantasy-scapes, lacing their verse with supernatural scenes, where hallways of empty mirrors reflecting each other reveal an acute terror of looking for the self among them. For it is the self that is so torturously fragmented, and that seeks seamlessness. However, as subatomic harmonies break up heaven into little chinks of starlight, we are reminded of the principles of symmetry, which aims to balance an otherwise perverse universe. Vernon Frazer and Michelle Greenblatt created their own sacred symmetry with their collaborations, and we are privvy to their secret exchanges."  — Alison Ross

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