Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Felino Soriano book blurb at Of the poetry this jazz portends

Of the poetry this jazz portends
Published 2012 (?)

"Felino Soriano has evolved his own vernacular. Teeming with abstractions and laced with what I can only term a stoical lyricism, his labyrinthian language challenges readers to confront their own ideas about poetry’s sometimes tenuous place in the modern world. At the same time, Soriano’s ekphrastic poems boldly if somewhat vertiginously challenge our notions of how we might approach visual art interpretation. He causes us to look at familiar painters in a new light and unfamiliar ones in unexpected ways. His poetry is at once impenetrable and accessible, for through the medium of his idiosyncratic phrasing, he invites us to forego rigid intellectualizing and simply “exist” in the poems. These are enigmatic and beautiful."

Alison Ross, publisher and editor, Clockwise Cat 

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