Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Miro's Scream - Cerebral Catalyst

Published June, 2006
Cerebral Catalyst

Miro's Scream at Cerebral Catalyst

Miro's Scream
by Alison Ross

Miro's scream became a new color of crayon.
His scream unfurled across the middle of eternity,
spattering the sky
with colors the shape of centuries,
and shapes the color of oblivion.
His scream cast a shadow onto the pavement of the sun,
climbed up the staircase of the moon,
and erased every star.

Miro's scream ripped open like a red yawn,
and lullabies fluttered out like blue bats.

Miro's scream became locked inside itself:
Miro had swallowed the key to eternity,
and oblivion unfurled like a new color of crayon.

1 comment:

DJ scribbles said...

your words have stunned me into silence.

i wish i could take that crayon, melt it and fuse it with...