Monday, August 25, 2014

Shortlist for Ebracce Prize 2014

Shortlist for 2014 Erbacce Prize

So we are down to twenty, shown here in alphabetical order; ALL of these poets are highly commended having emerged from a massive entry of over FIVE THOUSAND submissions world-wide. In about a week or maybe two we’ll have a winner and a runner-up or maybe two runners’-up or two winners… I tell you this; there is much disagreement amongst the judges simply because they are ALL brilliant… 

Sue Birchenough                 (Derbyshire UK)
Alena Boboš                         (Bratislava Slovakia)
Kerri ní Dochartaigh             (Derry Ireland)
Catherine Edmunds             (Co Durham UK)
Yossi Faybish                       (Grimbergen Belgium)
Elaine Hamilton                    (Edinburgh Scotland)
Paul Helliwell                        (Darlington UK)
Richard Hughes                    (Hale UK)
Elio Lomas                            (Preston UK)
PD Lyons                               (Westmeath Ireland)
Sheilla Aishetu Nelson        (Ghana West Africa) 
Alison Ross                           (Atlanta USA)
Jack Segal                             (Cowes UK)
Felino A. Soriano                  (Santa Maria USA)
Tim Knotbrook Taylor          (Angus Scotland)
Yasen Vasilev                       (Sofia Bulgaria)
Alisa Velaj                             (Vlore Albania)
Gail Willems                          (Wannanup Australia)
Gareth Writer-Davies           (Herts UK)
Bill Yarrow                            (Lincolnwood USA)

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