Sunday, September 23, 2007

Five poems - Mad Swirl

Published 2005? 2006?
Mad Swirl

Five poems - Mad Swirl

Five poems
by Alison Ross

shadows of god

suns scream
a swirl of chants
clouds sigh
a halo of prayers
moons shed tears
of quiet karmas

raindrops bleed
the ghost of god


Horrific harmonies
and terrific cacaphonies
share a room in
the Hotel of Symphonies
and make love on the bed of epiphanies,
then share a cigarette of regret.
So now the cacaphonies sing melodies
of tragic beauty
while the harmonies screech tragedies
in discordant euphony


like big question marks of defiance
like exclamation points of smoke
like the debris of exploded commas
like hollow periods

are we


I gave birth to the shadow
that burned in your breast
like a dark sun

I invented the echo
that strangled your voice
like a blind song

I destroyed the mirror
that stole your eyes
like a burning ghost


The sea is on fire.
The night is bone-white
and you sing like a cemetery,
your voice stained with dirt and death.

The flames have thawed.
The day is blood-red
and you pray like a piano,
your chants filled with dreams of death.

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