Thursday, September 6, 2007

Death is imminent - Wings of Icarus

Published September, 2007
Wings of Icarus

Death is imminent at Wings of Icarus

Death is imminent and I'm still smiling
by Alison Ross

It's raining cats and clocks.
I drink an entire bottle of dreams (vintage 1919)
and drift down a road made of smoke.
The umbrella of my imagination
flies away
flies away.

I am in no hurry to die.
My smile blooms
like a cyst.

Further down the road
I meet the phantom of myself.
I say hello and she laughs.
I smother her with my raincoat.
She wilts like a wounded smile.

Sleep waves to me with its green hand.
I gulp down a flask of smoke,
and fall toward the clouds
erasing themselves from my memory.

I knock on the sky
and no one answers

except for the stars
except for the stars

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