Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kahlo Sky - Up the Staircase

Published May 2010
Up The Staircase

Nominated August 2010
Best of the Net

Kahlo Sky
by Alison Ross

Frida gave birth to the sky. It was stained with the memories of Diego and Trotsky and Communist ideals. The sky reverberated with chants of “Viva La Revolucion” and dripped the blood of dead peasants.

Diego painted a mural onto Frida’s forehead. In it the sky swirled with images of Rockerfeller, Detroit car factories, and Aztec symbology.

Frida swallowed the mural and gave birth to herself. She grew into a sky that dripped images of symbolic communists onto cars made of peasants.

At Frida’s funeral, Trostky made love to Rockerfeller, and Diego swooned into the Aztec sky.

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