Sunday, January 4, 2015

Memory and Shadow at ken*again

Memory and Shadow at ken*again
Published December 2014

Memory and Shadow
by Alison Ross

I am memory and shadow, dusk and dust. The stars shine through me and darken the skies of my infinite sun. I gather the flowers of my shadow and throw them into the wind, wet with twilight and tears.

I am shade and longing, dawn and fear. The shadow of my memory digs roots inside my sun, infinite as the dusk. The dust of my shadow disintegrates like stars, darkening the flowers of my infinite twilight.

I am the shadow of my flowers. I am the twilight of my tears. I am the memory of my dawn.

I am shade but not shadow. I am longing but not fear. I am dawn but not memory.

I am twilight but not tears.

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