Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nihilistic hedonist at Of/with

Nihilistic hedonist at Of/with (page 81)
Published September 2015

Nihilistic hedonist
by Alison Ross

The nihilistic hedonist has a lot of time on her hands, so she eats time from her hands, and the world is sucked into her head. The nihilistic hedonist celebrates destruction in a grand fashion. She parties like it's B.C. 99, and crucifies the Roman prince with her eyes. The nihilistic hedonist luxuriates in the fire of baptismal fonts, and bathes in the bated breath of a hundred hail marys. The nihilist who's a hedonist smashes all realists and stuffs them into Campbell's soup cans, which feed Andy Warhol for a week. 

The hedonistic nihilist loses all sense of time, and she loses her mind, and the world is drained from her head. 

May 2015
(Published in Of/with)

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