Monday, October 1, 2007

Three poems - Muse Apprentice Guild

Published 2002-2003
Muse Apprentice Guild

Muse Apprentice Guild

Three poems of mine were published under one of my pseudonymns, Flora Gael, in the Muse Apprentice Guild around 2002-2003. The M.A.G., as it was called, was a cool avant garde-ish publication edited by August Highland that has not been updated since Winter 2006. Below I offer the three poems of mine that were published (the archives seem to have mostly disappeared, so I cannot provide a direct link to the poems):

(derived poetry)

Through a window of hell
I glimpsed an ancient sun
naked except for a mask of skeletons

Through a labyrinth of hell
I walked into a secret void
rustling like a blind volcano

In the palaces of hell
I am an oblique prisoner
I travel through truths
and eclipse all solitudes
with my casket of wings



I have become what I am not:
my eyes are warm hallucinations
that can lacerate a wolf's heart
my heart is a swarm of saints
that are dizzy like the eyes of a wolf

my thoughts can plunder
an army of chimeras
my dreams can tame
a terror of prayers

with one breath I can destroy what I am not
and become the eyes of a swarm of dreams


(for Edvard Munch)

The tempests teem with blue ghosts
who stalk through veils of thunder
and gulp lightning with their eyes

the tempests teem with blue rain
that twirls like gypsies
through a tunnel of veiled ghosts

The gypsies swallow phantom rain
and twirl through tempests
with eyes like blue thunder

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Al Kover(t) said...

I too had some poems published by the muse-apprentice-guild and have been wondering what happened to the m.a.g. site.